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Alchi to Beema

Price 250 ₹ * 230 ₹ * 4
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Alchi to Beema

250 ₹ * 230 ₹ * per person

Day 1 : Raft from Alchi to Khalsi:

Rafting from Alchi to Khalsi includes some good rapids of 2+ to 3+ at few places. Via you journey, you will co0me across some beautiful villages like Ulley, Lhardo, Nurla etc. Overnight at Camp/ Hotel

Day 2 : Khalsi to Hanu/ Bema:

Until Khalsi, you will follow the highway road, but after this place, you will enter the valley of Bema. Throughout you journey, you will see the villages of Skurbuchan, Domkhar etc. Overnight at Camp/ Hotel

Day 3 : Visit and explore the village of Hanu/Bema:

Bema is the place where people of Brogpa lives. Drogpa areas have been outlined in the tour circuits. Out of 5 Drogpa villages in India, two are open for foreign tourists. The greatest attractions in these areas are the villages of Dha and Bema which are entirely populated by last remnants of the Dards in the District. Dards are considered as last race of Aryans confined to Indus Valley. These villages have considerable anthropological and ethnographic importance. There is a very good road leading right up to Drogpa village and tourist can stay overnight in some private guesthouse or at some identified camping site at Khalsi, Dhomkhar, Skurbuchan, Achinathang etc.

Day 4: Back to Leh